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Concrete Removal

Our Sarasota concrete contractors specialize in everything concrete, including concrete demolition. Whether it be partial demolition, or a complete removal project, you can rely on our experts! Our concrete removal services can also be paired with our concrete pouring services, so you receive a quick turnaround on the area you are working with. Concrete is a great long-term solution for your property, but like everything else, it does have a life expectancy. With years of experience, our concrete contractors are fully trained to know when concrete can be repaired, or when it should be completely removed. You can trust us to provide the best options for you, and we will even start out with a free estimate.

There are a couple of reasons we would suggest complete concrete removal, instead of just repairing it. Deep, widespread cracks where settlement has occurred is one of the most common reasons for concrete removal. If just simply repairing those widespread cracks, in a few short months they will appear again. At this point, we suggest calling our concrete removal service team. Concrete slabs that have sunk, or have a lot of spalling, should also be completely removed. If you notice any 3 of these issues, call our Sarasota concrete contractors today for a free estimate, we can include the concrete removal service, & the pouring for your next project!




Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Concrete Removal

No matter what the project may be, there are always benefits to hiring professionals. In this case, hiring a professional concrete removal company will help you save time and money in the long-run of things. If you have any questions about how you will benefit from our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ve provided a list of just a few of the big benefit that come with hiring our Sarasota concrete contractors.

  • Complete repair of old, broken concrete – If you have concrete that is beyond repair our professional concrete removal service team can help from start to finish! Instead of contacting, and lining up, several Sarasota concrete companies to have you project completely taken care of, rely on our full-service concrete company. We can start with the concrete removal process and move straight into preparing the area for a new concrete pour. Weather, and everything permitting, we should be able to transition smoothly from one step to another. Meaning the mess will be out of your way faster, and everything will be back to normal in no time.
  • Takes care of the issue, rather than just patching – Some may think that patching up cracks, and concrete that has sunk, would be the best option. But at some point, if the damage continues to worsen, concrete removal becomes your best option. Constantly repairing cracks and dips in your concrete will eventually take away from the beauty and make it a patchy mess. Patching & repairing concrete can sometimes work, if the damage isn’t too deep. Contact our Sarasota concrete company and we will advise what is best for your project, repair or complete concrete removal.
  • No waiting in-between services – Is it time to remove your concrete patio slab, or driveway, but you don’t know what you would do without your that space? Since we are a full-service concrete company, there’s little to no time in-between the removal of your concrete, and the installation of your new concrete project. If you choose to do the concrete removal yourself, then you have to wait for the scheduled time of your new concrete to be poured. You will also risk the chance of missing something, digging into something you shouldn’t have, and so much more! If you contact our professional concrete removal service team, we are sure to have the job complete in a timely manner.
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